Shafston Greathouse - Booking Flights and Transportation

Booking Flights:
Generally, the best way to get to us is via the airport at Montego Bay, which is served by almost all major airlines. You can find cheap flights on the internet, for example on or, or whatever good source you know in your country.

If you send us an e-mail, giving us your time of arrival or make arrangements by making reservations, we can come and pick you up at the airport. If you want to come on your own or are already in Jamaica, take a taxi to Bluefields or call us. You can also take the minibus that goes from Savanna-la-Mar to whitehouse, but tell the driver you want to get off at the old police station in Bluefields. You can call us from the jerk chicken stall owned by Omar, and we'll pick you up. If you are traveling by rental car, download a little roadmap from our website to guide you. See you soon at Shafston!